The 45mm ammo though not preferred like the 9mm ammo yet it has a heavy round and well known for its stopping power. 45mm ammo also referred as .45 ACP (Automatic colt Pistol) widely used for pistol ammunition and wonderful handgun cartridge use in military trials, sports shooting and a self-defense weapon.

45mm Ammo as a Self Defense Weapon
There is a popular saying “ 9mm is so powerful that kills the boy where 45mm rather kills the soul” The ideal penetration of the ammo is about twelve to eighteen inches. It goes almost 18mm in depth completely into the opponent and strike the object though you don’t intend to do it that deeper. Such a powerful cartridge is the best part of this 45mm ammo. The ammo is purchased as a single unit or as bulk ammo. The Silver Bear works great in Colt series and stay at black even at 20 yards. Online purchase offers good deal particularly you when buy as bulk ammo.
Buying a cheap 45mm ammo
In many part of United States, owning a gun has become a passion, some use it as a self-defense while many use it as part of fashion. However generally people buy guns that have common calibers like 9mm or 45mm ammo because it is easily available in the market, in addition you can acquire cheap ammo as well. Some of the ways you can but cheap ammo are
• Using Search Engines
• Online Stores that offer great deals
• Small traders
Final Thoughts
9mm ammo and 45mm ammo are most popular because their cartridges are more powerful which a blend of great accuracy and astonishing stopping power. Buying cheap ammo is not a difficult choice because the buyers have number of options. More over the small traders make their own ammo so they could afford selling in low cost.