Best bitcoin exchange in India can be done by a simple process, create an account, verify it by providing few personal details and then you can use your money to buy bitcoin and store it in your wallet. Now as you have bitcoin in your wallet, you can sell that bitcoin when you think you can get the best price for it.

For storing crypto currency there are various wallets present in the market which are necessary. Crypto currency wallets are software programs which are used to store your public and private keys which are combined with various block chains this enables users to send and receive crypto currency and monitor your balance. Unlike traditional ‘pocket’ wallets these digital wallets don’t store currency in one location or exist in any physical form, all that exists are the records of permanent transactions made through crypto currency. when someone trade digital currency they are basically signing off ownership of the coins to your wallet address, they send private and public key for the transaction if the private and the public key matches, the balance in sender’s account will decrease and the receiver will get ownership of those coins. The private and the public keys can be stored in various forms,
• Online
• Hardware
• Desktop
• Mobile
• Paper
Usually, for security purpose, these keys can be printed and stored in paper form as they cannot be hacked.
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