Obesity is the curse of our time. We are constantly looking for ways to have food items and routines that will make us less prone to gain weight. This is the biggest concern, as the diseases that come about as a result of obesity are pretty dangerous. In addition to that when you gain weight you cannot enjoy many things in life, which are very important for an active social existence. This is why you have to think about losing weight. When losing weight comes to mind the first thought is that of a greens juicer!

Why do we need a vegetable juicer separately when there are already fruit juicers at home? This is the question that comes to your mind. The thing is that it may seem similar but juicing vegetables is not the same as juicing fruits. The fruits can be juiced in a machine that heats up from power but the green vegetables cannot be juiced that way. The vegetable juice has to be handled with great care. When it heats up it only goes bad quickly. You have to buy the best leafy green juicer that leaves no heat and the juice does not go bad for long!

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