Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used for a numerous sets of treatments which is the process of a comprehensive medical care plan as per the medical science. But are we aware of the fact that what is this therapy all about?? Do we know that how patients can be relieved from such treatments? The answer is ‘No’. Most of us are unaware of this terminology. hbot, in medical science, means to deliver an increased level of oxygen at an ambient pressure which is greater than the normal pressure, to the patient’s body, for a prescribed duration, which generally ranges from 60 to 90 minutes which is at its maximum. Certain percentage of different gases is determined as per the prescribed treatment based on certain guidelines and time schedule where a Hyperbaric Chamber is needed to grant the pressure within the patient’s body which is then required to be expanded.

The volume of air thrust or load is enhanced in the multiples of 3 which is higher than that of the regular normal air pressure which is provided in general cases. Under such symptoms, lungs can gain more amount of oxygen than the usual. The blood therein takes this gained oxygen throughout the patient’s body which, as a result, helps to fight and curb any bacterial infections and other fungal infections thereby revitalizing the stem cells, hence, resulting in healing.

It also treats the stem cells therapy which is done for the following symptoms such as:
 Stem cell mobilization
 Therapy for Heart Failures and Cancer
 Cerebral Palsy and Autism therapy
 Anemia
 Skin Grafting
 Carbon Monoxide poisoning
Tekna Hyperbaric provides certain benefits to its valuable patients which can be noticeably seen that are listed below:
 The center believes in continuous improvement in the quality by selling readymade chambers.
 It generates cost effectiveness by challenging the set protocols and also provides effective training for such purposes.
Hence, this therapy is cost effective and a must for the patients!!