We are in the middle of a bitcoin gold rush: Jobs associated with the cryptocurrency have jumped in 2017, as its worth continues to hit record highs.
Job site Freelancer said cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest growing online projects this year, but how to get bitcoins (como conseguir bitcoins). Cryptography, the tradition of code dividing central to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has also seen a 59% increase in interest on the website in the next quarter.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate on the blockchain, a decentralized technologies that produces a public ledger working with a crowd-sourced method of computers. The worth of bitcoin BTCUSD, 4.84% jumped from $969 in early 2016 and has climbed past $17,000 as of the time of publishing on Dec. 12, stoking attention from Wall Street and large banks. Along with monies, smart contracts and additional non-financial services can operate onto the blockchain, resulting in a jump in startups from the realm.

Organizations are even searching en masse for qualified programmers near blockchain conventions, based on Twitter reports, promising wages of more than $250,000 each year.
So how can you cash in on this trend? Here are a few tips from experts in the area:
Not every blockchain-related project takes an extensive understanding of the technologies, said David Johnson, CEO and Founder of Latiuma tasking platform according to a cryptocurrency.
“There are not great deals of people who possess the particular skills required, so they will need to hire people that are educated,” Johnson stated. The majority of these businesses also need people in marketing, human resources, and communications, he said, “Just as with any other business would need.”
In accordance with career websiteZippia.com, which includes more than 100,000 job listings associated with cryptocurrencies and also the blockchain, many work in cryptocurrency are for programmers with fluency in technology skills in high demand across the tech business, such as Javascript, HTML5 CSS3 and construction complete pile applications.
Brush up on technical skills
However, being mindful of the basics is useful, said Neeraj Agrawal, a spokesman for non-profit bitcoin advocacy group Coin Center. “Appreciation of both the fundamentals and bigger vision for all these technologies is something I’d be searching for in my hiring,” he explained. “That already removes most qualified candidates.”
A number of basic literature on which bitcoin is and como funciona bitcoin is readily available online, and some interested applicant must read up before employing in the area, Latium explained.