Of all the amazing benefits of the yoni egg is finding yourself and tapping into that new energy that lets you leave so much lighter than you used to be. The effects of the yoni egg for kegel exercise, transforms the body in ways that are so amazing. Many women, after childbirth begins to feel very estranged to their sexuality and at such begin to forget about their body internally and are less concerned about sexual virility. The estrangement can also occur after a bad break up or divorce and you begin to find it difficult to open up to anybody thoroughly or even have a great orgasm. Sex begins to be a sort of a mere activity.

The yoni eggs help you tap into your sexuality and opens up a new can of liberal feeling that you have never experienced before. You begin to have a new relationship with your body that makes your feelings more opened to receive love when given, instead of shutting it out, you can now notice it and reciprocate even better. Crystal’s eggs such as the green aventurine and the lapis lazuli do wonders in balancing your pelvic area and helping you achieve cataclysmic orgasm. This kind of orgasm taps from your heart and helps you release your whole body tension like you never thought possible. It helps tighten your virginal muscles to enjoy sexual penetration even more, Yoni eggs can be worn for as long as you want and even during sexual activity.
Other yoni eggs like the opal stone and tiger eye would make your kegel exercise even more productive, It is a good choice when you want to keep your egg during meditation, it can help you tap into more creativity for yourself, you get to understand your physical self and the best ways you react, give out and balance out your life.
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