try soclean cpap cleaner, the world’s first innovative and automated sanitizing and cleaning machine to experience a reliable, quicker, and easieras well ashassle-freetechnique to cleanyour CPAP fittings. Be it the reservoir, hose, or mask, this machine kills all germs, bacteria, molds, and virusesthat reside in your CPAP providing an additional benefit where you do not have to disassemble or detach any unit or components to incur any hygiene related issues.

This machine is 100% hygienic. try soclean CPAP as it gives you an additional edge over other commonly available machines in the market because you do not have to add extra chemicals or water; it is a self-performing machine. The process of automated cleaning saves time and eases convenience. The same cleaning technique is self-implemented by the machinefor all the processes including handling productions, purification of water, housekeeping services at hotels, and sanitation maintenance at hospitals.
The technique implemented in this machine of getting dry after use is the most common factor to avoid water stains and mars with foul odor around.The inner chamber of SoClean Cleaner and sanitizer approximately measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 7.25 inches in length breadth and height.

• Several types of masks are used and implemented on the same machine.
• The application is varied as in terms of usage it can be applied starting right from nasal pillow masks straight ranging up to full CPAP masks.
• Try SoClean sanitizer machine as it uses protected, natural and stimulated oxygen in order to sanitize all CPAP equipment.
SoClean’s powerful automated capacity enables it for power cleaning 24 hours round the clock. As per the certifications of the SoClean machine it is tested and approved from laboratories along with a registration from FDA, so when it comes to quality it is never a compromise.