A Chatbot is basically a computer program which is capable of communicating with users. You can make your own chatbot even if you don’t have any knowledge of programming language. To put it simply, the process is just to make a chatbot which is capable of responding in yes or no (although answers may vary according to the intelligence level of the bot). There are many companies that provide you with template answers so that you can customize your own bot which makes it even easier to create a bot.

While creating a chatbot we must keep in mind that, the structure of the bot is key to a good conversation. In English, we start our conversation with “Hello”. Then there are initial questions like “How are you?”, “What is your name?” The nexus of any business conversation is focussed on what the bot can do for its customers. Therefore, creating variations on these simple questions while you are in process to make your own chatbot and keeping them in the logical flow of the conversation is how you can make your own bot. The process can be livened by adding video, web links, and audio in conversation. To add some advanced features to your bot logic can be added to chatbot discussions with use of arithmetic and logical operations. This provides greater assurance to consumers with queries and allows growth of company’s consumer graph ratio.
You can learn to build a chatbot by various programming languages like Python for example. All you need is a basic understanding of Python and you can enhance the intelligence of the bot. A good chatbot could also have a little personality to make it interesting for the customer to use. It should be welcoming and give a sense of confidence to the user. People are used to using websites and apps.
Once you’ve got the basic conversation enabled, you can use your chatbot for many useful purposes. It can harvest the email addresses and names of would-be customers so you can keep in contact, it can save your customer support or receptionist fielding a lot of basic calls and much more.