Top printing techniques for custom packaging boxes

It is common for businesses today to use custom packaging boxes to ship their products in. If a business decides to start using custom packaging boxes, the business must ensure that the boxes are of high quality. Custom printing should only be done on high quality boxes that can protect the products from damage. One thing to understand about custom printing is that there are various printing techniques businesses can choose from. The best printing technique will mostly depend on a business’ goals and unique needs. A printing technique that may be appropriate for one business may not be appropriate for another. Therefore, businesses should choose a printing technique suitable for them.

The most commonly used custom printing technique is digital printing. Digital printing is a cost-effective printing solution for custom packaging boxes. This printing technique consists of color prints that are applied directly to a customized corrugated box to produce a desired outlook. The second printing technique most businesses prefer is flexographic printing. This is a very basic form of printing on custom boxes and consists of 1 to 3 colors. These colors are applied on shipping boxes and customized based on what a business needs. This form of printing is recommended for simple logos, images and graphics.
The third printing technique businesses should know about is litho laminating. This printing technique is actually the most preferred by businesses because it is a high-quality custom printing solution. This printing technique consists of photorealistic and high resolution graphics, which are applied directly to a paper that is then mounted to custom packaging boxes. All these three printing techniques are unique and will give different results based on what a business needs. The printing techniques also vary in cost. This means that a business will have to choose a printing technique that is cost effective, fast and produces high quality results.