Know more about the muscle memory

The central nervous system of a human body controls all the actions of a person. Each and every action that the human body performs is directed by the brain, that happens to be the head of the central nervous system. The actions are planned, monitored and controlled by the brain. All the actions are performed with the help of nerves and information transmitting cells, that connect the entire body with the brain. The brain thus serves as the master of the human body and controls all sorts of activities of the person concerned. Also the brain, spinal chord and the nerves accompanied by the neurotransmitters form the central nervous system of the body. The spinal chord also gain a significant role as all the nerves originate from the spinal chord and hence, it may also be called the house for human body nerves.

When it comes to making the body learn a particular response to a stress level, the respond to stimulus is exercised. The human body performs the actions that the brain tells it to do, and hence if for a particular kind of stress level, a same sort of response is learnt all the times, the memory of the muscles learn it.

The posture braces work with the similar principle to make the human body learn a particular response to the posture imbalances when these are observed. To set the posture in a righteous position, the best posture brace provide a certain stress level over the spinal chord that ultimately learns to live with the posture correctors. The muscle memory records the response to the stress put up by the posturecorrector and even when the posture braces are removed, or are stopped being used, the muscle memory enables the person to gain a perfect posture with which he can survive the rest of his days at ease.