Six pack abs have become the most popular and sought-after goal in the area of fitness.People struggle a lot to get a perfect body. But, the real truth is that you do not need to maintain a hardcore exercise routine. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should! You just need to follow the science based six pack theory to find out how to optimize the fat burning hormones naturally.

Things you need to avoid
• Do avoid cutting your calories too rapidly. It will harm your muscle fibres. If your leptin levels drop by over 30%, your brain will start sensing starvation which will affect your body. Your body will begin to take up some extra amount of energy and store it as fat.

• Avoid consuming low-fat diets. The T- Hormone is vital for keeping fat off your body and maintains a ripped and muscular body and a science based six pack. A low-fat diet will lower the level of the T- Hormone and affect your muscle tissues.

• Avoid the hormonal disruption workouts. People mostly avoid the fact that not all workouts are good for your body. In fact, some popular exercises might disrupt your body’s hormone production. This will trigger the stress hormone production which basically prompts your body to store even more quantity of fat.
The Biological Effect of the science based six pack
According to the science based six pack theory, you need to work on your abdominal area which is divided into three main sections, i.e. upper abs, lower abs and oblique’s abs. The upper and lower abs mainly give the six-pack abs look. One of the best ways to get the desired six pack abs is by developing the abdominal muscles.
Concentrate on doing an exercise that focuses on your upper and middle abs, then a workout that focuses on your oblique’s starting slowly, so you know your limits. And get the perfect desired body without injuring yourself.