Today social media has become everything for all of us. The bigger players are carrying billions of user in the industry and are boasting massive content and data layer. In today’s scenario, social media is in for a major change, it is possible because of the high rise in dpos delegate . After Facebook, Instagram and twitter, etc. are spending the better part of the high rise in the meteoric rates. The users have recently started in abandoning social media accounts. The report of how a social media can affect psychological wellbeing is reflecting general malaise all among the former fan. It also seems to be more faithful addicts of social media for growing discontent with longer diatribes about the political issues and an image of food.

The users are taking social media very much seriously and producing high quality of content has discovered that the hardworking of those was consumed by the platform. It is leaving no gain financially and with few likes and fame in compensation form. The information on social media is intending for being private it has been made to the advertising companies and government and many more. Potential violations of the abounding of privacy, with the snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, is willing in changing the feed order, user of link with the advertiser and is making data more transparent than a particular might like.
DPOS blockchain is technology that is behind the social media that is darling Bitcoin. It is a crypto currency that is built on a platform that is decentralized. A decentralized ledger or a database, a blockchain is a technology that is creating a new block for data which stored and is processed. For new information block that is to be stored, it has to be approved by a chain entirely, means that a chain is fully decentralized and is transparent and also secure.